Juggling all the aspects of my life with some baking, writing and good old fashioned ranting thrown in

About Me

I am a stay at home mum, Open University student and wife. This all keeps me rather busy but I thought I'd squeeze in some time for writing all about it!

It all began when my best friend and boyfriend asked me to marry him in November 2008. We both knew we wanted children so we thought "Why not just see what happens?" In January 2009, we had that lovely moment when the pregnancy test was positive. In May, my boyfriend became the Other Half. In September, nine days after she was expected, our Little Monster arrived.

When my lovely Little Monster was about a year old, I started my Open University degree. So far, I have completed two modules: An Introduction to Health and Social Care (K101) and The Arts: Past and Present (AA100). I plan to study Creative Writing (A215), beginning in September.

I also have another blog now, only focused on my writing: http://ameliaappletree.wordpress.com/

I decided to start blogging partly because I enjoy writing but also because this is a very exciting time in my life. In years to come, it will be nice to have this record of what happened and how I felt about it.

I hope you enjoy my blog!

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