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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Meme - How and when do you find the time to...?

Thanks to Jennifer for tagging me in this meme!

1. Please post the rules!
2. When answering the questions, give as much information as possible. It's all about the finer details people!!
3. Leave a comment on Sex, drugs, rocker...and stroller, baby. This is so we can keep track of the Meme and take a polite nose into everyone else's lives! 
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So here we go, how and when do I find the time to...

 ...Do the laundry?
I try to do some laundry every day, as long as there is space on the airer for it. 

...Write a Blog Post?
Sometimes during the day if my Little Monster is occupied with for a while. More often in the evening when I have some time to myself. 

...Look after yourself  i.e wash your hair, paint your nails, have a bubble bath etc.
I shower every day. I paint my nails for special occasions and I usually paint my toenails a few times over the summer as I like wearing sandals. 

...Spend time with your other half  
Most evenings after the Little Monster goes to bed, we have some time alone. We watch films & TV, play board games, play computer games and talk about absolutely everything. 

...Do fun stuff with your LO?
I'm a stay at home mum so I try to fit in fun activities every day! We don't get many days out as its just too expensive but she's old enough for baking, growing things on the windowsill and lots of craft activities. 

...Spend time with family?
We live far away from family so we don't often see them but we use Skype sometimes and regularly talk on the phone. 

...Socialise with friends?
I go to a women's group every Friday morning and have many friends there plus I usually see a friend at least once during the week. 

...Prepare an evening meal juggling baby bedtime routine?
When I'm preparing dinner is usually the time when my daughter watches some television or a film. It keeps her fairly occupied so that I can cook. Whether we all eat together or not depends on the Other Half's work hours or if he's off to his theatre group in the evening. I try to make sure we have a family meal at least at the weekend. 

...Deep clean the house?
If we're expecting visitors, I usually have a Big Clean. 

...Do the food shopping?
As we don't drive, me and the Little Monster pop to the supermarket most days. It's good as it forces us to have a walk outdoors everyday, no matter what the weather is like. On the other hand, it makes buying economically difficult as what I can carry is limited. 

...Do bulk ironing?
Ha! I don't even own an iron!

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  1. Thanks for taking part! We only recently acquired a decent iron, it came free with our tumble dryer. So far I've used it to iron fabric when I was sewing something! So glad to see that I'm not the only one that doesn't iron!

  2. The last time I ironed something, it was my school skirt and I melted it!