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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

From my window

As part of the OpenLearn creative writing course I recently did, I completed an exercise in observation and sensory perception focused on my living room. I was not very pleased with it so I decided to do the exercise again. It was suggested that these exercises are repeated often anyway and I'm rather pleased with this result, which is basically observations from my living room window. Any constructive criticism would be welcome.

Between our building and the row of houses opposite, there is a small courtyard enclosed by brick walls at either end. A large circle of paving stones fills much of the right side while the left contains a hedgerow with a tree planted within in. There are two more trees are either end of the courtyard but from my viewpoint, only a few their leaves are visible, shaking in the gentle breeze.
The lawn has clearly been mowed as the many parallel lines running across it demonstrate. But this must have been done some time ago as a multitude of daisies are now scattered amongst the grass. A blackbird hops about near the hedgerow, its head flitting from side to side, as if nervous of some danger. It flaps into the air as a toddler bounds into the courtyard, followed by her mother pushing another, much younger child in a pushchair. The little girl is wearing a pretty floral summer dress and skips through the grass with joy. Her mother calls for her to keep on the path but she is determined to remain on the lawn. This reminds me of my own little girl and even of distant memories of wanting to walk on the grass as a child myself. Even now, the idea of strolling barefoot across that lawn seems appealing. It occurs to me that it could be the fresh scent as I catch a breath of this through the open window. Perhaps its simply more comfortable than walking on a paved surface.
The sky is perfectly blue, except for a white line drawn by an aeroplane. My daughter believes these to be rockets and thinks me silly for telling her otherwise. Birds fly across my view frequently. Some are seagulls, regularly seen by the river, which is just down the path to the right.
A young couple have just arrived carrying folded chairs and plates of food. They settle themselves on the lawn, the girl giggling as if breaking some rule. They eat and talk happily. I look away, aware that I am intruding on their privacy, despite it being a public place. It has not occurred to me to use this area before, except as a more pleasant route back from the supermarket. Perhaps we'll have a picnic down there one day and sit amongst the daisies and the fragrance of the grass and fresh air.

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