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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Struggling with Productivity

Today I have very little that I really have to do. I need to pop to the shops, make lunch and dinner and do laundry and washing up. That's really not much for a whole day. So it's very tempting to not do very much. Whilst I don't need to, it would be good to get some studying done, go for a nice walk with the Little Monster or do something else productive.

But I find myself sitting on the sofa, laptop balanced on my knee, blogging and twittering and generally wasting time. Would it be so terrible if I did the bare minimum today? The Other Half has gone out for the day. The Little Monster seems rather content with playing with her toys. I know I've got a very busy day tomorrow. The house is reasonably clean and tidy. 

I think I need a hobby. Something other than studying that I can do in my spare time. I've done loads of crafty activities but the practicalities end up getting in the way. These are either money issues or space issues due to not having much of these things. So what I'm really looking for are suggestions of low budget activities that I can take part in that take up little or no space. Feel free to give me any ideas you have. 

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  1. I would say make the most of some peace and quiet and an occupied child!

    I do like cross stitch, it can be expensive but I buy large kits for maybe £40-£50, but then they take me several years to complete so over time it's not too bad! Everything is included so you don't need to have a big stash, and they can be stored away flat in a little bag. It's also good because you can pick it up and put it down around the needs of small children, and you can do it while you watch TV.

    Reading of course is another cheap hobby if you use the library or charity shops.

    I always like to have something to occupy me, although I probably do spend too much time faffing about on t'internet too!